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Historically considered undruggable, KRAS mutations have gained significant attention due to recent KRAS inhibitor clinical trials. KRAS is the most frequently mutated oncogene, occurring in approximately 20-25% of all cancers. The frequency and distribution of KRAS mutations varies depending on the type of cancer, and they are most predominant in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, colorectal cancer, and non-small lung cancer.

KRAS mutations are typically considered prognostic biomarkers, as they are indicative of poor patient outcomes irrespective of treatment. KRAS mutations also commonly occur in a mutually exclusive fashion with other genetic mutations and alterations. Given this, many treatment guidelines recommend including KRAS testing in situations where molecular testing is appropriate.

Do you test for KRAS mutations at diagnosis and what method do you use? If you do not test at initial diagnosis, do you test at relapse? How do these test results play into your decision-making regarding treatment?

  • 5 days 20 hours
    We use NGS for all advanced NSCLC, and if KRAS G12C, both TKIs are very promising. I would consider using them before Chemo immunotherapy. The issue is secondary mutations to proactively target them.
  • 1 week
    I test for KRAS mutations, it is done with NGS.
  • from Pathologist Connect 1 week
    We test on tissue reflexively at diagnosis as part of our NGS panel. Testing at relapse is performed only on request.
  • from Generation NP 1 week
    Test all at initial diagnosis via tissue and test at relapse via liquid
  • 1 week
    I usually test all my metastatic NSCLC with NGS and if recurrent will do liquid biopsy at the time of progression, still awaiting FDA approval of the targetable agents
  • 1 week 1 day
    What are your thoughts about the treatment potential of sotorasib and adagrasib? Please share any comments, insights, concerns, or so forth.
  • 1 week 3 days
    Test ALL patients as part of NGS, but no FDA approved therapy available until last month, so treat them with chemo +/- immunotherapy; now I will start using Sotorasib or Adagrasib;
  • 1 week 3 days
    test all pts ,use immunotherapy but hoping for approval of targeted therapy soon
  • 1 week 4 days
    Yes, I now test all my patients for KRAS. If mutated, I treat with sotorasib or adagrasib.
  • 1 week 4 days
    I generally test for KRAS mutations at diagnosis through next generation sequencing, mostly for prognostic purposes.
  • 1 week 5 days
    i do it in all pts as part of ngs and at relapse. drug will be available soon
  • 1 week 5 days
    I test for KRAS mutations at diagnosis and at relapse to inform outcomes prognosis.