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58-Year Old Male with Petechiae

A 58-year old male presents with petechiae. The patient has no other complaints. His medical history includes mild hypertension, and he was diagnosed with metastatic lung adenocarcinoma approximately three months ago. The patient states that his lung cancer treatment seems easier than he anticipated but is unsure of the name of the medication — he states that he has received three cycles.

His physical exam is unremarkable. His CBC reveals a normal hemoglobin count and a platelet count of 70,000/μl. His renal function is normal. Peripheral blood smear shows no evidence of platelet consumption. Hemolysis labs showed no indication of hemolytic anemia.

What additional workup may point towards the patient’s thrombocytopenia?

Is it possible that the patient’s petechiae is related to his metastatic lung cancer?